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River Revival Blueprint

A group of Australian environmental scientists, called the Wentworth Group released a report on 1 November called "Blueprint for a Living Continent". The report sets out key changes to revive Australia's river systems. These include:

* Clarifying water property rights and obligations associated with those rights

* Restoring environmental flows to stressed rivers

* Immediately ending broadscale landclearing of remnant vegetation and assisting rural communities with adjustment

* Paying farmers for environmental services such as clean water, fresh air and healthy soils

* Incorporating into the cost of food, fibre and water the hidden subsidies currently borne by the environment, to assist farmers to farm sustainably and profitably.

Members of the Wentworth Group are:Prof Peter Cullen, Prof Tim Flannery, Assoc Prof Ronnie Harding, Dr Steve Morton, Prof Hugh Possingham, Dr Denis Saunders, Prof Bruce Thom, Dr John Williams, Prof Mike Young, Peter Cosier, Leith Boully.

Posted Tuesday, 12 November 2002

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