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Four Future Forecasters

This week's BOSS magazine in the Financial Review profiles four of Australia's leading socio-economic forecasters - David Chalke of AustraliaScan, Bernard Salt of KPMG, Chris Richardson of Access Economics and Phil Ruthven of IBISWorld. These gurus are sought after by businesses to anticipate consumer spending patterns. You will find links to them in the resources section of this site.

Amongst the predictions from these four are the following:-

* War, SARS and corporate corruption have left Australian consumers fearful about all things foreign and not in a mood to trust cowboys

* The financial status of women should not be underestimated as post 1975 divorce laws lead to stronger female business career trends and more female influence in property purchases.

* Improvements in technology will continue boosting productivity for many years.

* As the net generation grows up many more sales will be made on the internet.

Posted Saturday, 10 May 2003

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