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China vs India - Main event of 2000's

The economic race between China and India is starting to gather pace as the main event of the twenty first century economic soothsayers and scribes. It was the main topic of the Economist (www.economist.com) in June and is a feature article in the Financial Review today.

China at 1.26 billion people and economic growth of 9.9%pa seems to leading on the first lap against India with 1.01 billion people and economic growth of 4.9%pa. But India has an enduringly larger workforce due to China's delayed impact of the "one child" policy. In 2035 India will overtake China in total population when both will have 1.49 billion and represent in total of 35% of world population.

Both countries have large expatriated and highly educated populations, which can be tapped into for networking future growth. India has the legacy of greater comfort with the English language while China is more advanced with technology. It will be fascinating race and a pleasant change from all things American of the late 20th century.

Posted Saturday, 12 July 2003

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