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Aussie II Bonding 20yrs on

Where were you when Australia II won the Americas Cup? Most Australians over the age of thirty would have a pretty good idea where they were on the morning of September 27 1983. They would also remember some of the oddities associated with this event. The winged keel, the legal battle over whether self taught designer, the late Ben Lexen, actually came up with the keel idea, the prime ministerial decree of Bob Hawke that anyone who sacked an employee for not turning up that day was a bum, and the magical wind shift on the second last leg.

Now after living through corporate crooks a second time around in the 2000's, we are wondering whether to forgive the 1980's version in Alan Bond because he has served some time or whether we can reminisce about the day we beat the New York Yacht Club without needing to come to a conclusion on how we feel about Alan.

Posted Saturday, 27 September 2003

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