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Queensland Tops State Growth

According to state population figures released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (www.abs.gov.au) the largest increases in state population in 2002/2003 occurred in Queensland (up 85,800 people) followed by Victoria (up 60,200 people) and New South Wales (up 52,500 people).

Three states recorded annual growth rates greater than or equal to Australia's overall growth rate of 1.2% in 200203. These were Queensland, which increased by 2.3%, Western Australia, by 1.4% and Victoria, by 1.2%.

The remaining states and territories recorded lower annual growth rates than Australia, with Tasmania increasing by 0.9%, New South Wales by 0.8%, South Australia by 0.6%, and the Australian Capital Territory by 0.4%. The Northern Territory recorded a population decrease of 0.2%.

Posted Friday, 12 March 2004

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