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Four Aussies in World Rich List

The US magazine Forbes (www.forbes.com/lists/) released their Rich List for 2004. Although they have more than 500 in this year's list FinDem has analysed the top 500 with the following observations:

* Four Australian Citizens are included in Kerry Packer (111), Frank Lowey(216), Richard Pratt (356) and Harry Triguboff (437)

* 7% are women (including one-time welfare mum and Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling), but the average wealth of the women ($5.1 billion) is higher than men ($3.5 billion)

* Average age of the 500 is 61.8 ranging from 20 to 95

We have added the profiles for the World Rich 500 to our Research Centre where you can compare the age profiles to Australian Rich List profiles.

Posted Sunday, 14 March 2004

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