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Getting Tanked on H2O

At last the penny has dropped for Australians Ė we donít have much water. Two storey houses with pool and three bathrooms drops the Warragamba dam a few basis points every half hour shower and full flush. This week the ABS delivered the nationís water account for 2000-01. It shows we extracted 72,431 giga litres (thatís 144 Sydney Harbours) from the environment and reused 517 giga litres (thatís 7%).

The nation whose all time sporting hero (Don Bradman) honed his skill hitting a golf ball at a corrugated iron tank (whatís that?) is now going beserk installing water receptacles into what spare cavities are left around mini back yards which once were cricket pitches. The irony is that in the cities, tanks were banned not so long ago. In Don Bradmanís day 50% of the population lived in the bush, and 50% in the city. Now 85% live in the cities and they have to learn from scratch how to live with the sparse resources of Gondwanaland.

Posted Friday, 21 May 2004

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