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Australian Rich are Younger

BRW released the 2005 BRW Rich List this week. With a turnover of 10%, average age has changed little - from 62.1 to 62.2 versus the 2004 list. Oldest is Franco Beigiorno-Nettis at 89 (family worth $536 million) and youngest is Nicole Perrin at 31, younger half of the original Billibong partners, together worth $120 million. No new women entered the list this year and two have dropped out to leave 10 women and 190 men.

The Australian Rich are slightly younger the the World Rich as reported by the Forbes 500 which averaged 63.8 and with a wider age range from 21 to 96. Which proves that either Australians get rich quicker or there are older family dynasties overseas that hang on to wealth. We have added the BRW 2005 age profiles to the Age Profiles data in Research Centre where you can compare them to other datasets.

Posted Saturday, 21 May 2005

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