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Museum Objects Need People

This week the ABS released a survey of organisations operating museums and art galleries in respect of the 2003-2004 financial year. The previous survey covered 1999-2000. There were 1,329 museum locations operating in Australia, comprising 160 art galleries, 381 historic properties, 673 social history museums and 116 other types of museums. Museums preserve information about how people have lived and the environment they have encountered with attention paid to retaining accurate representations as encountered at the particular time. FinDem has links to the more prominent museums on our links page contact us if you have more worth adding.

There were 54.9 million (down 11% on 2000) museum objects and art works located in Australian museums, however only 9.7% of this collection is on display for public viewing. A barrier to exposure of more of the collections for public viewing is the funding of space and the personnel employed within the museums. Museum employees totalled 7,624. With 31.2 million people visiting (up 13.5%), this represents about 4,000 admissions per museum employee and there are 7,200 objects to be maintained per museum employee.

Posted Sunday, 29 May 2005

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