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Where to Retire in Australia

Five years ago, two of Australia’s leading personal financial planners, Jill & Owen Weeks, published a book titled ‘Where to Retire in Australia’. This was the result of their own on-site investigations across Australia for the best places for retirees to live using insights from their advisory work with retirees. This week they launched the second edition of the book which expands the coverage to 27 regional areas and 44 prime locations within these regions. The book is a unique blend of concise key statistical facts and insights into community and geographic features required to justify changing locations later on in life.

The revamped presentation of the latest edition will be useful for overseas as well as local residents interested in retiring to Australia. It includes maps and has more focus on regional positioning of locations. Property values are not quoted in the latest edition although there is general description of relative values. Given the large changes in property values over the past 5 years and current price volatility, it seems sensible not to put prices in a book (you can try some of the sites on FinDem’s Links under Housing for latest house prices by postcode http://www.findem.com.au/resources/resourcesarchivek.php#Housing ).

The main content enhancements in the latest book are sections on transport, internet and mobile communication, services for household appliances and motor vehicles, places to eat and shop, pet care services and alternative accommodation (i.e. retirement villages, palliative care etc.). The location included with highest retired population was Paynesville in the Gippsland Lakes district of Victoria with 32.2% aged 65 or over (national average is 12.8%). Youngest location was surfing and backpacker mecca Margaret River in South West WA with only 7.2% aged 65 or over (a great place for the grandchildren to come visiting!). The total population of the 44 locations reviewed is 700,000 ranging from Toowoomba in Queensland at 99,000 to tiny Metung in Victoria at 500. A list of the locations with postcodes and web sites has been added to Lists in Resources. You can find out more about the book at the authors’ website http://www.where2retire.com.au/

Posted Sunday, 5 June 2005

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