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Stockmarket has Big 2 Years

Two-year rise in the Australian share price index to end of May 2005 was 39%, the biggest two-year rise since the mad 'Bond and Skase' days of 1986-87. Two years ago households were bemoaning the poor returns on their share portfolios (-12% and 0% for years to May 2002 and 2003) while the value of their houses were rocketing up (17% and 18% for years to March 2002 and 2003).

Investing in both these markets is a long term thing and these differences tend to average out once you get to 20 years or more. Over the 20 years to March 2005 the share index compound average increase is 8.4%pa and house prices increase is 8.9%pa (before transaction costs and tax).

Posted Thursday, 16 June 2005

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