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Salt on Sea Changers

Bernard Salt, author of The Big Shift and local ‘people and place’ guru, has just released Population Growth Report 2005. This KPMG publication is now in its 16th year and covers NZ and USA for the first time. Municipalities with biggest population increases during 2004 were Gold Coast in Australia (up 13,228), Manukau near Auckland in New Zealand (up 8,700) and Maricopa near Phoenix in USA (up 112,200).

The media release for the Report notes that the ‘sea change’ shift to the coast in Australia to places like Hervey Bay and Mandurah, is replicated in the USA by the shift to the ‘Sun Belt’. The Sun Belt stretches across the lower third of the USA from South Carolina to Southern California. As a bit of trivia, every US president elected since 1964 has come form four of the Sun Belt states (Texas, California, Arkansas and Georgia). Biggest surprise back in Australia is the slow down in growth in Sydney in 2004 with traditional 1970’s suburban family suburbs like Penrith, Fairfield, Canterbury and Campbelltown declining in population as the grown-up kids eventually leave home. You can find out more about the report at http://www.thebigshift.com.au/pdf/Media_release_-_Australia_N.pdf

Posted Tuesday, 26 July 2005

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