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Migration and Productivity

The federal government has announced that the Productivity Commission will undertake a research study into the impact of migration on population growth and Australia’s productivity growth. The Commission will report on the nature of international migration flows over the last 10 years on skill levels in different industries and occupations.

This study follows the report and projections released earlier this year on 'The Economic Implications of an Ageing Australia'. The last year has seen a welcome break in the drought of government lead demographic research. Not since the Borrie Report on the National Population Inquiry in 1974 have we seen so much activity. This recent activity has been largely prompted by maintaining tax revenue as baby boomers move into retirement. What still needs to be done is linkage to impacts on the water, infrastructure and nature. If you wish to make a submission to the inquiry go to: http://www.pc.gov.au/study/migrationandpopulation/index.html

Posted Sunday, 14 August 2005

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