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Stockmarket into the Trillions

This week the value of shares listed on the Australian stockmarket hit A$1,008,000,000,000 - that's a Trillion for the first time! Although the month of August is not quite finished we decided it was such a big milestone we have updated the Stockmarket data series in FinDem Research Centre and on the front page. Playing with our Dataseries graphing you can see that the 30 year rolling compound increase in the Australian share price index has hit 10%pa at August 2005 - we are in uncharted waters here as it's not been at this level in the history of the data which goes back to 1875.

Also released this week by the ABS were the latest statistics on managed funds for Australia. This is the total of investments in Managed Funds including life insurance companies, superannuation funds and investment funds. The total figure here (as at 30 June 2005) also reached a Trillion at $1,068,393,000,000. There is some double counting in this figure because of investment funds used by life companies and superfunds. After removing the double counting it reduces to $915,255,000,000.

Managed Funds will have a wider range of investments than just Australian Shares, and will include overseas shares, property and bonds. Because of changes in data collection methods between APRA and the ABS, the ABS will not have data available on the types of investment until the September publication. The new data suggests past estimates of Managed Funds have been about $100 million too low.

Posted Saturday, 27 August 2005

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