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Target 300m USA 6.5bn World

Two years ago FinDem led the countdown to Australia reaching 20 million population on 4 December 2003. Now our attention turns to USA and World population targets of 300 million and 6.5 billion respectively in about a year’s time. The current tallies are 297,903,508 for USA and 6,491,284,502 for the World. With these estimates changing at the rate of 6,329 per day for the USA and 207,997 per day for the World, our estimates of when the targets will be reached are 11 December 2006 for the USA and 24 February 2007 for the World.

A curiosity of America is that despite the nationalism fervour of flag and anthem, the populace is generally ignorant of national statistics - if asked the population of the state they live in they will get pretty close; but ask for the population of USA and wild guesses start. You can find out demographic statistics about the USA at http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/ (To get USA you will find it at the bottom of the drop down!)

Stay tuned for the 2006 FinDem Demographic Trivia Quiz which will be launched on our website in the lead up to these targets.

Posted Saturday, 14 January 2006

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