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Conferences & Seminars on People and Finance

Recent mail-outs from the Securities Institute highlight the growing interest in the intersection of people trends and financial services. On March 27 is a seminar on Behavioural Finance and the rational and irrational actions of investors. On 5 March is a seminar on ageing demographics and lifestyle preferences and how this influences the property market.

On April 12 there is a conference in Canberra, billed as the first of its type in Australia, focusing on Genetics and Financial Services. Key speakers are UK Government Actuary Mr Chris Daykin, Professor David Weisbrot of the Australian Law Reform Commission and Professor Grant Sutherland from the womenís and childrenís Hospital in Adelaide. Genetics is the study of genes and their heredity. It dates back to Sir Charles Darwin (1809-1882) and Alfred Wallace (1823-1913), Darwin's book, The Origin of the Species (1859) and work by Gregor Mendel (1822-1884), an Austrian monk who experimented with breeding from wrinkled and smooth peas.

More recently the interest of the financial services industry in genetics relates to cloning and designer genes and the havoc it might play with insurance calculations and also the impact of privacy on finding out what a persons inherent risks are.

Posted Tuesday, 5 March 2002

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