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Oldest Woman Dies at 114

The world's oldest person, Yone Minagawa a Japanese woman who counted eating well and getting plenty of sleep as the secret of her longevity, died on Monday 13 August at the age of 114. She lived in a nursing home in her mountainous hometown of Fukuchi in southern Fukuoka prefecture. Her reign as the world's oldest person lasted just over six months. The Guinness Book of World Records certified her as the world's oldest person after Emma Faust Tillman, the daughter of freed American slaves, died in January 2007.

Based on the latest Australian population Life Tables (ALT 2000-02) FinDem calculates that the probability that an Australian girl born today will live to 100 is 4.4%. This increases to 43% if continued improvement in life expectancy is allowed for. Time will tell whether the current obesity levels and 24/7 lifestyles of western developed world populations will support continued improvement in longevity of this order. Results from the 2006 Australian population Census show that there were 802 men and 2,355 women aged 100 and over in August 2006.

Posted Sunday, 19 August 2007

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