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2006 Census Undercount 2.8%

Details continue to trickle out from the ABS on the last Australian population Census which most people completed in August 2006. The ABS estimates the number of people who should have been counted in the 2006 Census was 20,402,459 people. The actual 2006 Census count for Australia was 19,852,973 people. The difference of 549,486 people (2.8% of population) is referred to as 'net undercount' for Australia. Biggest differences were for people born in China(23.1%), India(22.5%), Phillipines(13.9%) and Vietnam(13.2%). Biggest differences by state were Northern Territory(8.2%) and Queensland(3.8%).

These figures are calculated from a the Census Post Enumeration Survey (PES) which is used to determine how many people were missed in the Census and how many were counted more than once. The PES is a household survey conducted shortly after the Census. Previous Census undercounts were 2.0% in 2001, 1.5% in 1996, 1.9% in 1991 and 1.5% in 1986.

Posted Saturday, 1 September 2007

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