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The Year 2007 in Review

Based on the latest figures for 12 months change, our take on 2007 is as follows:

The Australian Population is 21,174,390, growing at a rate of 1.48%pa. Immigration for the latest year reported(June 2007) was 140,148, up 6.5% on year to June 2006. Immigration has added just under 1 million over the last 9 years. Births have been growing over the last 5 years after a decade of decline but we will have to wait a while to find out 2007 births. We have a new prime minister, Kevin Rudd aged 50, younger than Howard, Hawke and Whitlam when elected but older than Fraser and Keating. The stockmarket finished the year 13.8% up but took a beating in the last 6 months to be up only 1.7% in that period. House prices are on the move again, up 11% nationally on average (to September) but more in Melbourne, Canberra and Queensland than Sydney and Perth. Average wages are $1,102 per week ($57.304 pa at Sept and up 4.9% over the 12 months) but if your are a CEO of the 300 top companies you get paid $2,500,000 pa. on average

Posted Wednesday, 2 January 2008

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