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2016 Census 9 August

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has announced that the next Australian Census of Population and Housing will be held on 9 August 2016.

The previous Census was in 2011 and at that Census a significant effort was put into encouraging electronic lodgement of data by households rather than the traditional paper. Over 30% of households lodged electronically.

For the 2016 Census, the ABS will be issuing households directly (rather than through collectors) with electronic log-in codes with the expectation that more than 65% of households will lodge electronically.

Financial Demographics believes that there should be a revisiting of a National Identity system and an Australia Card. This would allow the maintenance of a Population Register as already exists in many developed countries. This would provide continuous population data without the need for Census.

The Australia Card and a national identity system was proposed by the Hawke Labor government in 1986. The legislation was blocked in the Senate and a double dissolution ensued. The government won a good majority which would have allowed a joint sitting to pass the Australia Card legislation. However a public servant found an obscure technicality which prevented the joint sitting on this to proceed despite the obvious endorsement of the Australia Card by the election result.

Posted Wednesday, 12 August 2015

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