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2001 Census Data Released

Today the first statistics were released from the 2001 Australian Census. 18,972,350 people were counted as at August 2001. Net growth rate since 1996 was 1.17%pa. Queensland's population showed the largest growth since 1996, increasing by 1.65%pa, while Tasmania's population decreased by 0.14%pa.

There are always a few missed in a census count, referred to as "undercounting". Based of follow-ups done some time after census processing, past undercount rates in Australia in 1996 averaged about 1.6%. This compares to undrecount rates in New Zealand and Canada (also in 1996) of 1.6%pa and 2.4%. Allowing for a 1.6% undercount the total population in 2001 is more like 19,270,000. Based on the net population growth rate of 1.17%pa continuing in future, the 20 million mark for Australia is likely to be reached in December 2003.

Over coming months Financial Demographics will be News items, Trends and additions to the Resources section of this site which draw on the 2001 Census results. Stay tuned!

Posted Monday, 17 June 2002

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