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ACADEMICS: Kenneth W. Wachter

Kenneth W. Wachter is Professor of Demography and Statistics, University of California, Berkeley. As a mathematical demographer and statistician, he studies systematic constraints and random influences that shape the structure of human populations. He helped develop methods of computer simulation to understand the rarity of coresident family members in pre-industrial English households. With these methods, he is now forecasting the kin and family support available to new generations of elderly in the 21st century. It is this work which is of most interest to FinDem and inspired the research on Grandparents on this site by Bruce Gregor.

Working in "non-linear" demography, Wachter has identified mechanisms that give rise to specific kinds of cycles in fertility and population growth. He is currently interested in patterns of mortality at extreme ages shared between humans and other species, trying to reconcile them with statistical models for long-term processes of demographic change.</P>

Details of his work can be found at his University link at http://www.demog.berkeley.edu/~wachter/

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