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WRITERS: Charles Handy

Charles Handy was born in Ireland in 1932. Handy coined the term “portfolio worker” for someone who worked independently of an organisation and whose living was drawn from a number of differing elements, as in a share portfolio. He joined Royal Dutch Shell after graduating from Oxford University with first-class honours in 'Greats', a study of classics, history and philosophy. After Shell he entered the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He returned to England in 1967 to manage the Sloan Programme at Britain's first Graduate Business School in London. In 1972, Handy became a full Professor at the School, specializing in managerial psychology. From 1977 to 1981, Handy worked at a conference and study centre in Windsor Castle which was concerned with ethics and values in society. He later moved to a life of writer, lecturer and consultant.

His books include:

The elephant and the flea : looking backwards to the future ,Hutchinson, 2001

The hungry spirit : beyond capitalism : a quest for purpose in the modern world , Hutchinson, 1997

Understanding organizations , Penguin Books, 1993

The age of unreason , Century Business, 1992, c1991

Beyond certainty : the changing worlds of organizations , Harvard Business School Press, 1996

Understanding organizations , Penguin Books, 1976

The age of paradox , Harvard Business School Press, 1994

Gods of management : how they work, and why they will fail , Souvenir Press, 1978

The future of work : a guide to a changing society , Blackwell, 1984

The empty raincoat : making sense of the future , Hutchinson, 1994

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