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CONFERENCE: Australian Population Association - Gold Coast

APA Conference 30 November to 3 December 2010

Population growth and demographic change are certainly hot topics of the moment. The recent release of the 3rd Intergenerational Report stimulated widespread interest, particularly the prospect of Australia’s population reaching 35.9 million by 2050. IGR3 re-focused policy makers’ attention on the ageing of the population and how the costs of this significant change can be borne by Government.

Notwithstanding the potentially substantial budget impacts, projected changes to Australia’s age structure have a range of implications. This is the theme of the Australian Population Association’s 2010 national conference – the impacts of generational change.

Here is your opportunity to contribute to the debate. Should Australia continue to allow a large overseas migrant intake and what are the consequences? Will current high fertility levels continue into the future? Can we overcome potential impacts on living standards by working harder and smarter?</P>

Join Australia’s principal demographic thinkers as we consider these vital questions. Add your voice – and particularly the results of your research – to the debate. Hear the views and form your own opinion – our future depends on it.

Program: http://www.apa2010conference.com/preliminary-program.html

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