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Australia's National Living Treasures(1997)

The National Trust of Australia(NSW) sought votes in December 1997 to arrive at a list of 100 of Australia's Living National Treasures. The List is shown below as obtained from their website at www.nsw.nationaltrust.org.au/treasureslist.html

Please note a number of the person's on the 1997 list below have deceased since it was established.

Phillip Adams AO

Betty Archdale MBE  

Dr Faith Bandler AM

John Bell AM OBE

Prof Geoffrey Blainey AO

Arthur Boyd AC OBE  

Raelene Boyle MBE

Sir Donald Bradman AC

The Rev Father Frank Brennan AO

Senator Bob Brown 

Don Burrows AO MBE

Evonne Cawley AO MBE

The Rev Tim Costello 

Ruth Cracknell AM  

The Rev Bill Crews AM

Bart Cummings AM

Betty Cuthbert AM MBE

Sir Roden Cutler VC, AK, KCMG, KStJ, KCVO, CBE  

Judy Davis 

His Excellency the Hon Sir William Deane AC KBE

Ernie Dingo   AM

Dr Michael James Dodson  AM

Pat Dodson  

Prof Peter Doherty AC

The Hon Don Dunstan AC  

Slim Dusty AO MBE

The Hon Justice Marcus Einfeld AO QC

Herb Elliot AC MBE

John Farnham AO

Dawn Fraser AO MBE

The Hon Malcolm Fraser AC CH

Cathy Freeman   OAM

Margaret Fulton OAM

Peter Garrett  AM

Jennie George 

Shane Gould  MBE

Dr Germaine Greer 

Rolf Harris AM OBE

John Hatton AO

Hazel Hawke  AO

The Most Rev Peter Hollingworth AO OBE

Gabi Hollows 

Janet Holmes a Court AO

Donald Horne AO

The Hon John Howard 

Robert Hughes AO

Barry Humphries AO

Elizabeth Jolley AO

The Hon Barry Jones AO

Caroline Jones AO

The Hon Paul Keating 

Thomas Keneally AO

Cheryl Kernot 

Ian Kiernan AO OAM

The Hon Justice Michael Kirby AC CMG

Prof Dame Leonie Kramer AC DBE

Rod Laver 

Michael Leunig 

Ted Mack 

David Malouf AO

Ted Matthews  

Dr Colleen McCullough 

Garry McDonald AO

Mr Walter Mikac 

Dr Jack Mundey AO

Graeme Murphy AM

Les Murray AO

John Newcombe AO OBE

Greg Norman AM

Sir Gustav Nossal AC CBE

Dr Lowitja O'Donoghue AC CBE AM

Dr Pat O'Shane AM

Sir Mark Oliphant AC

Dr Margaret Olley AO

Noel Pearson 

Charles Perkins AO

Kieren Perkins OAM

Prof Henry A. Reynolds 

Ken Rosewall

Prof Peter Sculthorpe AO OBE

Dick Smith AO

Mum (Shirl) Smith AM MBE  

Dame Joan Sutherland OM AC DBE

Richard Tognetti 

The Hon Tom Uren AO

The Rev Sir Alan Walker Kt OBE DD

Nancy Bird-Walton AO OBE

Anthony Warlow 

Gai Waterhouse 

Morris West AO   

The Hon Gough Whitlam AC QC

Margaret Whitlam AO

R M Williams AO CMG

Robyn Williams AM

David Williamson AO

Tim Winton 

Roger Woodward AC OBE

Judith Wright McKinney 

Dr John Yu AC

Galarrwuy Yunupingu AM

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