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Founder Bruce Gregor

Bruce Gregor developed a passion for demography during his actuarial studies in the 1970s. His inspirations were the work of John Graunt and Edmund Halley, inventors of English life tables in the 1600's and Mick Borrie, the pioneering Australian demographer who chaired the first Report on Australia's Population prospects in 1975. Thinking about the future of increasing global population with finite resources was inspired by the book "Limits to Growth" published around that time. His collection over many years of various long term data series and his continuing interest in computer programing has resulted in the creation of this website. The valuable assistance of Matthew Inman in the original design and structure of the site, is gratefully acknowledged.


Financial Demographics was established in December 1996 by Sydney based Actuary and Demographer, Bruce Gregor. The business started by carrying out research projects for financial institutions during 1996-97. These projects focused on the link between individual's life stages and their financial status. During this period Financial Demographics established a network with researchers with interests in this field. On Bruce's return to Institutional Investment Consulting career in 1998, these affiliates were introduced to project work for the foundation clients of Financial Demographics.

From 1998 until Bruce's retirement from Institutional advice in 2010, the sole focus of Financial Demographics has been the development of this website. Now in semi-retirement Bruce is re-engaging with demographic research and teaches Demographic Fundamentals at Macquarie University. He is engaged in occasional research projects and speaking opportunities and he is a contributor to policy development of Australia's retirement income system. You can establish contact with Bruce Gregor through the Contact Us tab on this website.

The Concept Behind Financial Demographics and www.findem.com.au

The combined study of demography and financial status is becoming of increasing global interest as the populations of developed countries age. Our concept aims for an objective view of the future focusing on the following priorities:


Throughout this site we use recognised calculation methods from life sciences. The more common formulae and definitions adopted are set out in the glossary section.