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Future Dilemmas Report

The CSIRO has just released one of the most detailed exposees of Australia's population and environmental prospects since the Borrie Report on Population in 1974. The report explores the future effect of three population/immigration scenarios on infrastructure, resources and the environment out to the year 2050. These scenarios are:

* Net immigration rate zero persons a year (described as the low scenario in the report)

* Net immigration 70 000 a year (the current policy setting, and described as the medium scenario)

* An immigration rate set at two thirds of one percent (0.67%) of the current population per year (described here as the high scenario and equivalent currently to 130,000 or double the current rate)

We will be analising the report and providing further comments. It is likley to enliven discussion on such issues as utilisation of water resources, the ambit claims of balance of power senators for the spending of the Telstra sale proceeds as well as the alternative of increasing fertility rates.

Posted Sunday, 10 November 2002

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