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Rain at Last in NSW

Three inches of Rain has fallen across parts of New South Wales over the last two days, the first falls above --mm in Urban and Rural areas in -- days. Mudgee in the state's central west recorded the highest falls with -- millimetres. Prior to these falls, the Bureau of meteorology show the last 12 months as the least rainfall ever recorded.

Australia is an arid land. Only --% of the land has more than --mm of rain. New Zealand, with --- million people has average rainfall of --mm across its total landmass. Across Australia the average is --mm whilst across inhabited rural areas (which have a population of ------, the average rainfall is --mm.

The drought should be a wakeup call for those fringe areas which have been cleared and farmed beyond the capacity which Australia's natural rainfall cycles can sustain. See more on this topic in our news item on the CSIRO study "Blueprint for a Living Continent" on 12 November 2002.

Posted Saturday, 30 November 2002

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