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UK Census 2001 - Ageing

The UK is ageing faster than Australia as indicated by the percentage of younger versus older people from the recently released UK 2001 Census. For the first time in the UK, the 60+ percentage of the population (21%) is higher than 15 and under (20%). In Australia at the 2001 Census the percentages were 17.1% and 22.3%.

The population of the United Kingdom on Census Day 29 April 2001 was 58,789,194 (Australia 18,972,350 on 7 August 2001). The populations of individual countries were: England 49,138,831 (83.6%); Scotland 5,062,011 (8.6%); Wales 2,903,085 (4.9%); Northern Ireland 1,685,267 (2.9%).

From Australians ancestry responses in the 2001 Census, the following are the responses compared to the population distribution of the UK and Republic of Ireland.

* Welsh? - Seems we didn't count Welsh ancestry in the Census.

* English - 72% of Australians claim English ancestry versus England population being 83% (of Ireland plus UK excluding Wales)

* Scottish - 6% of Australians claim Scottish ancestry versus Scotland population being 8%

* Irish - 22% of Australians claim Irish ancestry versus Nth Ireland and Irish republic being 9%

Posted Saturday, 7 December 2002

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