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Humans a Dangerous Species

Overseas visitors view Australia as a risky place thanks to Steve Irwin and Crocodile Dundee. As far as risk of accidental death goes humans face greater danger from themselves than from animals. Martyn Robinson from the Australian Museum (www.austmus.gov.au) provides the following statistics collected from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and a range of other sources.

Accidental causes of death 1980-1990:-

Nature: Spiderbite = 1, Crocodile Attack = 8, Shark attack = 11, Marine Animals other than sea snakes crocodiles and sharks = 12, Snakebite = 18, Bee sting = 20, Struck by lightning = 19

Humans: Poisoning = 1,998, Murder = 3,106, Drowning = 3,367, Suicide = 18,836, Road accidents = 32,772

...so the most dangerous animals walk on two legs and drive cars.

Posted Wednesday, 12 November 2003

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