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January Stocks Up - Again!

The January effect - to some it's like reading tea leaves - to others it's explained by traders catch-up after market shut down and investors post Christmas break euphoria. Based on stock market data for Australia going back to 1875, Findem has calculated that 80% of Januaries post a positive return for the Australian market price index compared to the other 11 months when only 55% of months post a positive return. The average return for Januaries is 1.9% versus the average of 0.4% for all other months.

The All Ords price index was up 2.0% for January 2007, following 3.6% in January 2006 and 1.3% in January 2005. But then we hit a negative for 2004 and 2003 Januaries so don't go relying on it every year.

Posted Wednesday, 31 January 2007

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