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Glimpse of Future of Leadership

Once regarded as old crusty institution of mathematical boffins, The Institute of Actuaries has just elected Hoa Bui as its first Asian-born President. Could this be a glimpse of our future political and business leadership? Maybe it?s time to move on from the feminist lock on diversity and think about who has the best world view to preserve our peaceful and productive place in this part of the world. Hoa Bui brings this focus to her Presidential Address to members as follows:

?Gender is not the only kind of diversity we seek to achieve. I?m delighted to be the first Asian-born President of the Institute. To be more accurate, I am an Australian-trained actuary who speaks an Asian language and who understands an Asian culture. If you look at our newly qualified actuaries, this is a very common profile: people with Asian background who were born or grew up in an Australian environment and embraced the Australian way of life, without losing sight of their cultural heritage. Did you know that four of our councillors - Steve Hui, Annette King, Iris Lun and David Whittle - have all worked and lived more in Asia than I have? In a way, they are more ?Asian? than me.?

You can read the full Address here: http://actuaries.logicaldoc.cloud/download-ticket?ticketId=1b0f2cd3-c3c7-457a-afca-87f998bf2b0d

Posted Friday, 21 February 2020

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